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Discover Forex excellence with, your trusted Mauritius-based broker! They cater to traders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Enjoy top-notch ECN and STP execution powered by high-level liquidity. Start your journey with just $1 – affordable and accessible. At, your ticket to trading success offers low costs and a supportive community. Join today and explore limitless opportunities for financial growth!

AssetsFX Pros & Cons


  • Good trading conditions
  • High commercial-level liquidity
  • ECN and STP execution
  • 360 Days Withdrawal 


  • No Copy Trading
  • No educational resources
  • No PAM/MAM
  • No Card Deposit

AssetsFX account types

Accounts Currencies Min. deposit Leverage Starting Spreads Demo Account Rollover Free Decimal Pricing Commission per trade Max. Lot Size Per Trade Min. Lot Size Per Trade
CENT USD $$1 1:500 from 2.2 pips Yes NA 5 NA 10 0.01
STANDARD USD $$10 1:500 from 1 pip Yes NA 5 NA 10 0.01
ECN USD $$50 1:500 from 0.0 pip Yes NA 5 $6 10 0.01
ECN PRO USD $$1000 1:500 from 0.0 pip Yes NA 5 $4 10 0.01

Account options

Broker Type Minimum Deposit Forex Majors Spread Maximum Leverage Min. Trade Size Scalping Hedging Free Demo USA Traders
ECN, STP $1 0.0 1:500 0.01 Yes Yes Yes Yes

AssetsFX trading platforms, fees & regulation offers a user-friendly and versatile trading platform designed to meet the diverse needs of traders. The primary trading platform offered is the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), known for its robust features and customizable interface. Traders can also access MT4 on mobile devices, ensuring trading flexibility on the go and on the web platform.


Spread Costs: offers competitive spreads, including spreads as low as 0.0 on select instruments. This can result in cost-effective trading, reducing the impact of spreads on your overall profitability.

Commissions: While the broker's spreads are low, it's essential to be aware of any applicable commissions, especially for ECN trading accounts.

Swap Rates: Traders should also consider swap rates or overnight financing costs associated with holding positions overnight, as these can affect the cost of trades.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: may charge fees for certain deposit and withdrawal methods. These fees can vary, so reviewing them before initiating transactions is essential.

Regulation: is registered in Mauritius, which is a recognized offshore financial center. As such, it may operate under the regulatory framework established by Mauritius's Financial Services Commission (FSC). The FSC is responsible for regulating and supervising financial services providers in Mauritius.

Traders should note that while registration in Mauritius can offer certain regulatory advantages, it's essential to understand the specific regulatory protections provided and how they compare to regulations in other jurisdictions. Traders should conduct due diligence and consider their risk tolerance when choosing a broker.

Please note that the regulatory environment may evolve, so checking the latest regulatory status and updates regarding is advisable to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • ( FSC )
  • Commission
  • MT4, MT5, Web

AssetsFX top features

Welcome to our curated guide highlighting the standout features of, designed to empower your forex trading journey.

  1. Fast Verification: The platform boasts a swift and efficient verification process, allowing traders to get started quickly and without unnecessary delays, so you can jump into the action with ease.
  2. Low $1 Minimum Deposit: offers an unbelievably low minimum deposit, ensuring accessibility for traders of all levels, including those with limited capital.
  3. 360 Days Withdrawals: offers the convenience of withdrawals 365 days a year, ensuring that you have access to your funds whenever you need them, providing flexibility and peace of mind.
  4. Spreads 0.0: With spreads as low as 0.0, offers competitive pricing that can potentially save you money on each trade, maximizing your profit potential.
  5. High Leverage: Enjoy the advantage of high leverage, which can amplify your trading capital and potential returns. This feature can be especially attractive for traders looking to maximize their positions.
  6. ECN and STP Execution: Experience lightning-fast trade execution with ECN and STP methods, providing direct access to liquidity providers and optimal trading conditions.
  7. Mauritius Regulatory Advantage:'s registration in Mauritius offers regulatory advantages, creating a secure and compliant trading environment.
  8. Inclusivity: Designed to cater to all traders, from beginners to experts, fosters a welcoming and supportive community.
  9. Cost-Efficiency: Enjoy a cost-efficient trading environment with reduced fees and charges, ultimately boosting your trading profitability.
  10. Round-the-Clock Support:'s 24/7 customer support ensures assistance whenever needed. Their responsiveness and expertise guarantee a smooth trading experience.

Incorporate these top features into your trading arsenal with and elevate your forex trading to new heights.

AssetsFX Compliance & Regulation

At, we prioritize the utmost transparency, security, and fairness in forex trading. Our commitment to compliance and regulation underscores our dedication to protecting the interests of our traders. Here's how we ensure a compliant and regulated trading environment:

1. Regulatory Oversight: operates under the regulatory framework established by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius, a recognized offshore financial center. The FSC is responsible for supervising and regulating financial services providers in Mauritius, ensuring that we adhere to their stringent standards.

2. Investor Protection:

Our compliance measures are designed to safeguard the interests of our traders. We strictly follow regulatory rules that require us to provide fair trading conditions, transparent pricing, and the segregation of client funds from our operational capital. This separation ensures that your funds remain safe, even in challenging market conditions.

3. Accountability and Transparency: is held accountable for its operations. We maintain the required capital adequacy levels, undergo regular audits, and provide transparent financial reporting. These measures ensure that we meet regulatory expectations and reduce the risk of malpractice or financial mismanagement.

4. Risk Management:

We implement responsible risk management practices as mandated by regulators. This includes setting appropriate leverage limits to prevent excessive risk-taking by traders and providing comprehensive risk disclosure to educate our clients about the inherent risks of forex trading.

5. Dispute Resolution:

In the unlikely event of a dispute between our traders and us, has mechanisms in place for fair and impartial resolution. Regulatory authorities can step in to mediate and ensure a just resolution.

6. AML and KYC Compliance: adheres to strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. These protocols include thorough identity verification and transaction monitoring to prevent money laundering and unauthorized activities.

7. Regulatory Updates:

We stay up-to-date with the evolving regulatory landscape. As the forex market changes, we adapt our practices and policies to address emerging risks and technologies, always prioritizing the security and well-being of our traders.

At, regulatory compliance isn't just a requirement – it's a core part of our commitment to providing a safe and trustworthy trading environment. Traders can be confident that our operations are conducted with the highest level of integrity, thanks to our strict adherence to regulatory standards.

AssetsFX service details

Supported Languages English
Customer Service By Live Chat, Email, Call & WhatsApp
Service Hours
Email Response

AssetsFX trading and investment tools

One Click Trading Yes
Stop Order Yes
Limit Order Yes
Trade off Charts Yes
Market Order Yes
24hr Trading Yes
Email Alerts Yes
Trailing Stop Order Yes
Charting Package Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes
OCO Orders Yes
Streaming News Feed Yes

AssetsFX pricing

At, we believe in providing traders with transparent and competitive pricing that empowers them to make informed decisions and maximize their trading potential. Here are the pricing details that define our commitment to value:

1. Spreads:

Our spreads are highly competitive, starting from as low as 0.0 pips on select instruments. We understand that narrow spreads can significantly impact your profitability, which is why we strive to offer some of the tightest spreads in the industry.

2. Commissions:

While our spreads are low, traders should be aware of any applicable commissions, especially for ECN trading accounts. These commissions are designed to ensure a fair and sustainable pricing structure that aligns with our commitment to transparency.

3. Swap Rates: provides clear information on swap rates or overnight financing costs. These rates may vary depending on the currency pair and whether a position is held overnight. It's important for traders to consider these costs as part of their trading strategy.

4. Deposit and Withdrawal Fees:

We believe in making the funding process as cost-effective as possible. While we do not charge deposit fees, some withdrawal methods may have associated fees. We provide transparent information about these fees, allowing traders to choose the most cost-efficient options.

5. Leverage:

Our leverage offerings are designed to provide traders with flexibility while maintaining responsible risk management. We offer various leverage levels, allowing traders to select the option that aligns with their risk tolerance and trading strategy.

6. Transparent Quotes:

At, we provide real-time and transparent quotes. Traders can access accurate pricing information at all times, ensuring that they can execute trades with confidence.

7. Market Access:

We offer direct access to liquidity providers, ensuring that our traders receive the best available prices and trade execution. This access helps minimize slippage and enhances the overall trading experience.

8. Cost-Efficiency:

Our commitment to cost-efficiency extends to our low-cost trading environment. We understand the importance of minimizing trading costs to maximize profitability, and our pricing structure reflects this ethos.

At, we believe that transparent and competitive pricing is the cornerstone of a successful trading experience. Our pricing details are designed to empower traders, helping them make informed decisions while optimizing their trading strategies. We are committed to providing value through our pricing structure and ensuring that traders have access to the tools they need for trading success.

Deposit methods

Withdrawl methods

FAQ section

AssetsFX user experience

Welcome to our comprehensive review of, your go-to resource for making informed decisions in the world of forex trading. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the game, our review is designed to provide you with valuable insights into what has to offer.

Onboarding and Registration: The onboarding process at is streamlined, ensuring accessibility for traders of all experience levels. With a remarkably low minimum deposit of just $1, this platform is an attractive option, especially for those with limited capital.

Platform Navigation: boasts an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Its clean, clutter-free design ensures easy access to essential trading tools and resources, allowing you to focus on your trades without distractions.

Trade Execution: A standout feature of is its ECN and STP execution methods. Experience swift, direct access to liquidity providers, facilitating efficient trade execution, even during periods of market volatility.

Low Costs: lives up to its commitment to provide a cost-effective trading environment. With reduced fees and charges, you'll experience substantial cost savings, ultimately boosting your overall profitability.

Customer Support: The 24/7 customer support team at ensures you have assistance whenever you need it. Their responsiveness and expertise create a supportive trading environment, giving you peace of mind.

Inclusivity: At, inclusivity is a priority. The platform caters to traders of all levels, fostering a welcoming and supportive community. Whether you're new or an experienced trader, you'll find a home here.

Regulatory Assurance:'s registration in Mauritius adds an extra layer of confidence. It signifies adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring a secure trading environment.

Challenges: It's important to note that while our experience with was overwhelmingly positive, we encountered some limitations. Comprehensive user reviews and data about the platform are relatively limited, which may make it slightly challenging to assess its long-term reputation.

In conclusion, our user experience with was marked by accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and responsive customer support. The broker's commitment to inclusivity and regulatory compliance enhances its appeal. We encourage prospective traders to conduct their due diligence, especially considering the limited available information, to ensure it aligns with their specific trading needs and objectives.

Stay tuned for more insightful reviews and information on our website as we continue to explore and evaluate various trading platforms and services to help you achieve success in the world of forex trading.

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| United Arab Erimates

low minimum deposit, competitive spreads, 24/7 support, 360-day withdrawals.

AssetsFX is a forex broker that welcomes traders of all levels with a minimum deposit of $1 and competitive spreads starting at 0.0 pips. They also offer 24/7 customer support and a 360-day withdrawal option, which is good.

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12 Sep, 2023